Rhino adventure as of 2 nights, 3 days

This is a very unique experience. In one of the larger greater Kruger reserves a rhino anti-poaching and conservation management project requires that all rhino in the reserve are implanted with a chip. The scale and cost of the project is such that the reserve welcomes sponsors to help them getting the job done. It requires the animals to be darted one by one so that the vet can place the implant. It involves at least two vehicles on the ground, one helicopter, the veterinarian, and a crew of 10 rangers for each individual animal. You will take part in this process.
We organise this adventure together with a luxury safari lodge, the wildlife management of the reserve and the veterinary staff.

You will stay in a luxury lodge where the rangers will take you into the bush on an open Land Rover. During the game drives special attention will be given to the rhinoceros. Its habitat, its role in the ecosystem, tracking the animal, etcetera. One of the mornings you will have to get up very early.
The crew will gather, the heli will arrive and so will the vet. In the briefing every participant will be assigned a special role in the process. Then the animal will be tracked, darted, implanted and released. The whole exercise will take a few hours and will be finished with a big breakfast in the bush. An experience you will not forget. Animal planet live.

Accommodation luxury safari lodge
Availability April through October