Holidays in Africa

Bushlife Experiences organises exceptional and imaginative holidays and expeditions in Africa. It explores different ways and different roads. For those who desire to go off the beaten track. Who want to see Africa though the eyes of an explorer and want to truly experience the beauty, people, culture, wildlife and endlessness of the continent.
We make our travels in Land Rover Defenders. We teach you in a 4x4 training what you can and cannot do in a Defender off road and then let you drive the vehicle yourself on the expedition.
We travel in small convoys with a maximum of 6 vehicles or 14 people. The expeditions are guided by professionals. Guides and off road experts that have extensive experience travelling Africa in a Land Rover. And on top of that make great company.
They lead the convoy and the expedition in their own Defender. All vehicles are connected by radio. In wildlife reserves our guides are supported by well trained wildlife rangers.

We choose our routes to avoid the masses, the highways and travel the other Africa. Where we can, we drive through and stay in conservation areas, rural environment and national parks.
From our base in Alkmaar, South Africa we roam through South Africa, Swaziland, Mozambique, Botswana, Namibia and Zambia. Our journeys go by pristine beaches, wild and remote areas, incredibly starry nights, immense natural beauty and the most amazing wildlife.

Depending on the expedition and your personal preferences, we use campsites, guesthouses, self-catered lodges, game lodges and hotels for accommodations on trail. Varying from basic to very luxurious. Yet always comfortable. We bring all the drink and food where required and the cooks to prepare it. We take care of the tents, the bedding and whatever else is needed so that you can relax and enjoy.

After all we want to create the journey of a lifetime… one that always stays with you.