our views....

…on people:
We create expeditions for fun. We have a passion for Africa and Land Rovers. Our guides are handpicked, professional and knowledgeable when it comes to offroading, Africa and interacting with people and groups.

…on Land Rovers:
Defenders are the ultimate safari and expedition vehicles. They are built for adventure and look it as well. We have and take care of our own fleet because we do not want to get stuck for the wrong reasons. We let you drive our vehicles after training and under guidance. We do require a credit card imprint or deposit (ZAR 25.000,=) to cover the insurance excess.

…on expeditions:
We travel expedition style and unforeseen circumstances may force us to change the itinerary at short notice or even as we are traveling. When this happens we appreciate your flexibility and understanding.

…on sustainability:
We support conservation and tread lightly wherever we go. Please do not litter or leave signs of civilization.

…on inclusive:
We hate it when presented with a bill that was not anticipated. We include all meals, water, teas, coffees and soft drinks on the expeditions, unless otherwise specified. We will charge for alcoholic beverages at fair rates. In hotels, lodges and guesthouses you are responsible for your own bar bill. Excursions are not included.

…on comfort:
We like comfort and aim to provide you exactly that. So wherever we go, we go the extra mile to make you feel at home and at ease. Some campsites have only the most basic facilities. We will bring a toilet and a shower. The guesthouses are selected on clean, a good bed and nice bedding.

…on food:
We like good food and provide you the same when we cook on trail. We try to always use accommodations that deliver to our standards. Most of the times they do. Sometimes we get disappointed.

…on groupsize:
We believe in small groups. It is more personal. Some accommodations only take ten people. Some trails allow only 4 or 5 vehicles. Some people want to come with their own group. We welcome this and will take groups as small as two people.

…on distance:
We cover distances as we want to travel and explore. Small distances may take a long time, depending on road conditions. We aim to leave early and arrive early afternoon when we are moving. Occasionally this doesn’t work, in which case we spend most of the day traveling. We stop for breaks, snacks or to look at the scenery. We do not want to hurry. We are in Africa.